I have played Metin2 yang for three years, and now I play bmsura, a senior bmsura can fight against the attack of prtisan warrior and mental at one time, so the role of bmsura is special! (Mp replace Hp) When the level is relatively low, it is difficult to upgrade lonely.

Next, I’ll talk about bmsura skill points: firstly, I think the skill should be added first is ritual of doom, it has less CD (7sec) and more easily to inflict critical damage, and the second is bloodrade, it is the strongest attack skill among the bm sura skills, and it also has good sword. It will be easy for armors with high critical attack to one-second-slash level65 strong warrior. The second skill is flame. It cannot exert the 100% power in country war, but it is helpful when pk and upgrade. The fourth is protection, which is the most abnormal skill in bm sura job. The last is entangle, its attack power is low, but when upgrading M, the possibility to decrease speed will have a great elevation.

And for area-attack skills, it will be excellent to see a group of warriors with buff like snail chasing you. Powered by Goldvk Forum ,the perfessional game raiders forum,including game

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