Metin2 was entered the SUBA Games Platform .SUBA Games is an excellent platform with a strong line-up of current and upcoming games, with a lively community-base and excellent support/moderation, much like our own Metin2 yang. We feel  Metin2 yang will be a perfect fit for the SUBA Games family of games.

Following the move,Metin2 yang players can enjoy a number of benefits:

Unified login with all of the games on Login to all games on with your Metin2 yang login information. Simply download and play, no additional registration required!

- Unified currency. Your purchased Metin2 yangpoints will still be redeemable in the Metin2 yangItem Mall. Following the move, Metin2 yangQ Points will be deposited as SUBA Game Points, redeemable in any SUBA Games online game.

- Access the community. Join the fast-growing SUBA Games community and forums.

We hope you enjoy the SUBA Games experience!