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In this post, I will give metin2 newbie some basic information to help them play the funny game. The character window unlocks it with the key "C" or click on the initial symbol with the head. You can find that your character values are indicated in the character window, including your character name, rate of motion, attack, metin2 yang , your defense, your points of status, your guild and etc. when with the Leveln balls, it seems down in the border, you can made it full to gain one point of status it at would on your already current points to set can.

You can open the Inventory with the key "i" or by clicking on the treasure chest on the right of the screen. You are allowed to store your articles in the inventory it with another gamer act or with the Level gather. You could play figure with articles and gears in the inventory, besides, you need to havecheap  metin2 yang  and put the respective article of gear to it on the figure over the inventory.

You can open the talent window with the key "V". youe talents are indicated in the talent window with respective stage. If you find it a level ascend since, give you beginning from level 5 each point, it would on your talent distribute can. You can buy  metin2 yang from safe site. And if you find their luck with wraps close to your talent of stage 16, and its pitch with just on talent stage 20, then that is completely random thing.

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