Horses are quite useful, because one can go quickly with them on the way for higher leveling and also give attack. In order to have a horse for yourself, you need to toward to the Jayang Area on Map two and you are asked to kill the WeakApes and then they will drop some cheap metin2 yang and luck Horsemedals to you. Then you should go ahead to Map1 with the Horse Medal you get and look for the Stableboy. When you find him you should click on him as well as click on "I want Ride a Horse" option.

You will be informed your mission by the Stable for ask you to kill twenty Savage archers within half an hour. You should make them in time otherwise you would lose your horsemedal. If you have finished it within the certain time then go back to the stableboy right away. The item of "HorseSword" can strengthen you on to summon your horse. But the production of "HorseSword" asks about one day and 100,000  metin2 yang . For newbie, you must feed your horse hay.

It you find it is hard to summon your horse then you need to train the horse with Horse Taming Manuels. By doing this can boost the rate of calling on your horse, the maximum level for this training is ten. You should repeat the same process for further training. It is needed to buy  metin2 yang  and have a horse medal and speak to stable boy. You will be able to train your horse to level 11 if you acquire your Beginners Horse"Pony".