Metin2 newbie need to have some practical tips in order to help them play the game well. Below are some useful guides:

If you find any boss or metin within 12 levels of you, you should try to kill it. As we all know that knowledge is power, so just ask others if you have any questions. Pay attention tometin2 yang and the answer if there is somebody asks a question loudly. Avoid making a bad reputation. You will find it is much easier to play Metin2 if you have many buddies to support you.

Do not ks. The foes you make will beyond your expectation and you would feel regret about this. It is not a good habit to beg since that will make others hate you. Don’t tell if you get cheap  metin2 yang  and pwned due to the lag. We all know that it make others powerful. It is annoying and childish to flaunt, and people will think you are stupid if you are not really perfect.

Try to answer other if they have question on shout, by this way you can make allies. Look for a good guild that needs little to no donating and can accompany with you, and won’t force you to do anything you do not like to do. You can buy  metin2 yang  for power leveling. It is not advisable to PK people especially you have no ideal about this. It is awful to having the nugatory ranks and you would gain pked and lose your exp very often.