I have played the several roles in the game, but I still like sura. So here I’d like to introduce sura and share my experience with you.

In the first, sura is a job, which has high def and spends less hp. And its attack is less than that of warrior, but the speed is faster. Three monsters is a group, if they attack you at the same time, then there is flashy stop at your attack, while sura can kill monster fast. if you can hold it well, to use the last attack when two monsters are together so that sura can save much more hp. Because potion seems to be expensive, it is better to kill monster faster than wait for can buy metin2 yang from online shop with safe transaction. And there is some connection between critical attack rate and the last attack. That is, when the monster stands up, it still dies, although you don’t kill it. However, it will drop money, if you kill it again. So the money I earned by building sura for two hours is more than that warrior earned for five hours.

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