If you want to survive a mob-wave at 5th floor in Metin2 , you need enough AC , chance to block physical attack , arrow resistance , absorb to hp and con .

You must have around 700 AC, to survive a wave easily . You can get them from :

1) a 61 shield +9 is a must ( about 153 AC) ,best stats you can have on it is block physical attack, 20% strong against undead .

2) 21 hood +9 would be great

3) good armor with the highest + as possible

4) AC+5 stone ( 100 AC )

5) con full (90 AC)

6) name ur horse (20 AC)

For Block physical attack : you can have a ss of miss in your armor (+4= 8%, +5= 15%), have block on your shield (up to 15%) or use phoenix boots .

For Arrow resistance : goldneck +9 with filled sockets and polished silver boots +9 are already very nice (together 34% arrow resis ), but on your earrings and armor you can also have more arrow resis . you can buy metin2 yang from online shop with safe transaction.

Thanks for reading and have fun in Metin2 world !

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