After reading so much experience of players, I also like to talk about how I play Partisan warrior, according to my experience.

Bonus points: it is first to add vitality until 20 points then to add 90point strength. It can level up easily based on much hp and high defense and money earned through attacking monster is enough to spend.

There are two addition methods. Find cheap metin2 yang new from us.2 vit and 1 dex or 2vit and 1int. both are to add full vitality. And it is easy to do anything with much hp and high defense. If you only want to level up, 2vit and 1dex is the best choice. In contrast, 2vit and 1int is best for those who are fond of pk. Both sura and dragon shaman are magic and long-distance attack. You needn’t pk with them closely. So it is necessary to add int in order to improve magic defense. The last is 2dex and can  buy metin2 yang  from online shop with safe transaction.

You can choose your right armors according to your conditions.

Skill point: sword aura should be learnt firstly. The difference about attack between use sword aura and the other skills is shown obviously.

Flame spin: wide range and high hit rate.

Hiss: PK in guild war is practical. Stun-resistance is basic armor for most of the players. And stun-resistance has no effect on hiss, the longer of hiss is, the more probability for it to disregard stun-resistance.

Tri-cut: fast mp restores and common hit rate.

Combat ecstasy: I suggest you not build it. Now many people sell attack speed and movement potions. The skill you built is not as good as a jarful potions of the others besides you are under attack damage. Of course, you can build it when you level up.

Above is just my own idea, welcome you to communicate with me!